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Isokern Fireplaces & Chimney Systems

isokern-masonry-products-earthcore-fireplaceBorn in the Fiery Heart of Mount Hekla

Extracted from Iceland’s Mount Hekla volcano, Earthcore products are made from genuine volcanic pumice.

Earthcore has exclusive rights to mine this high-grade material from a 25-mile long volcanic fissure and the volcano itself, which rises to a height of 5,000 feet. Estimated at 7,000 years old, central volcanoes like this one can remain active for about 100,000 years.

With durability like that, it’s no wonder these fireplaces and chimney systems are guaranteed for life.

Discover why the original in modular fireplaces is the most trusted by architects, builders and homeowners with this video on You Tube.


isokern-magnum-masonry-products-fireplaceIsokern Fireplace & Chimney components are lightweight and have the highest industry standard UL, ULC, ANSI and ASTM ratings with EPA Phase 2 qualifications. Isokern Fireplace and Chimney Systems are less expensive to install than traditional masonry fireplaces. And, every Earthcore product has a Lifetime Warranty that protects against manufacturer defects, so you can celebrate the timeless pleasures of a beautiful fire with Isokern.

Isokern fireboxes are available in many sizes for both vented and vent-free fireplaces. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.



Chimney Systems

Isokern wood burning fireplaces are approved for use with either of two chimney systems.

• The DM (all-masonry) chimney system by Isokern, which is constructed with the same volcanic pumice material. It is comprised of a tongue and grooved inner liner and outer casing to be stacked and bonded with Earthcore Mortar by the mason who constructs the firebox.

• The Lennox FTF 13 double wall, air-cooled steel chimney system may be used with the Isokern system to further reduce weight, to elbow off center, or to reduce cost. An anchor plate is simply secured on the top plate of the Isokern firebox to accept the interlocking metal chimney sections. This chimney system is sold and installed through Foster-Taylor Fireplaces.

European Copper Chimney Pots

Patented European Copper Chimney Pots meet the highest technical standards (UL-listing and compliance with International Building Codes). A chimney pot from European Copper provides the finishing touch a fine chimney deserves.

Viewed from the ground level, a chimney pot can appear too small if not sized properly. For the best aesthetic results, we recommend selecting a chimney pot that is approximately 15 percent of the overall chimney height. These copper chimney pots are unique in that they are compatible with both masonry and metal flues, giving you more options and a consistent,
quality look.

About Earthcore Industries

After 70 years of unparalleled performance in the construction industry, Earthcore’s Isokern line has become the most trusted modular system in the world. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, with plants around the country, they provide exceptional products and unmatched customer service through their system of dealers and regional customer service centers.

Visit the Earthcore website at or contact Masonry Products Sales for more information on the entire Earthcore product line.

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