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Our History

Serving Builders, Contractors and Homeowners Since 1954

Joe Ward and Bill Foster founded Masonry Products Sales in 1954. They were brick masons who took the initiative to begin supplying the products for their own jobs. Soon, other masons called them to supply brick for their jobs as well.

Beginning modestly and without debt, Masonry Products opened its doors on leased property at its current New Orleans Mid-City location. Soon they became so busy in the supply business that they discontinued bricklaying.

Through consistently honest and fair business practices, their company grew steadily. They eventually increased the size of the property, added more office space and expanded their product lines.

Following a tour of duty in the Air Force in 1976, Ron Foster, son of original owner Bill Foster, began his career at Masonry Products Sales and continues today with an open door, hands
on approach to our customers and employees.

During the late 1980s and 1990s the original location was dramatically renovated and a second showroom and supply yard was added on Highway 59 in Mandeville. In 1983, Foster-Taylor Fireplaces was added to market and install prefabricated fireplaces.

In the 65 plus years that have followed its inception, Masonry Products Sales has been serving the local community, through good times and bad, lean years and booms, in crisis and triumph. For many builders and homeowners, we’ve proudly served as their supplier for generations.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow… you can count on us.