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Glass Block

There are countless applications where glass block can be incorporated in residential and commercial projects.  They add a touch of dramatic to your interior and exterior spaces.  They can filter in natural light while maintaining privacy.


Consider These Facts About Glass Block


Structural Durability


Unique Attractive Appearance

High Security


While they do not have the ability to act as part of a load-bearing wall, glass blocks are a heavy, sturdy product that are very durable and require little or no maintenance. Because of their durability, glass block can be used indoors or outdoors for accent walls, showers, hot tubs, decorative columns, and even on the edges of pools and fountains.


Glass block have approximately the same insulation and energy efficiency as a double-pane, thermal insulated window. So, the temperature extremes in winter and summer months will not be an issue when you choose glass block for exterior window or wall construction.


No other product has the unique appearance of glass block. While its popularity has risen and fallen throughout the last 80 or so years, it never fails to return to prominence as a desirable, practical, and attractive product to use for countless decorative venues. Glass block are available in a vast variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to produce an effect that will certainly please you. Accents are everything. Do not settle for the mundane. The design possibilities with glass block are limitless!


Enhance the security of your home or business by turning any high-risk window into a safe secure window. The heavy dense nature of glass block make breakage difficult, thereby reducing the risk of burglary. Also, by selecting the right pattern, you can keep out intrusive views while still getting desired light transmission. That is hard to accomplish with a window that must be completely covered with curtains or shades to provide the same privacy. In addition, glass block offer enhanced resistance to fire, sound transmission, and weather.

So Many Options to Use
Glass Block

Whether you are redecorating a room, planning an addition, building your dream house, or designing a new commercial project, the applications you can consider for the use of glass block is open for imagination.  In the bath which is one of the hardest-working rooms in your home, glass block provide a durable, water-repellent, wipe-clean surface.  They can replace a window to let in light, but still provide privacy without the need for curtains or shades.  Shower enclosures and privacy walls to separate spaces can replace walls and doors.  In the kitchen, backsplashes, island & bar fronts, and exterior windows can be stunning.  Elsewhere in your home or at your office, try glass block sidelights at your front door, or divide a room with a curved glass block wall without sacrificing that bright, open feeling.  Or perhaps you could incorporate glass block on a stairway or for a balcony wall.  In addition, a wide range of colored glass block are available to order, and in some applications, back lighting of the glass block can be very dramatic as well. For more detailed information about the types of glass block that Masonry Products has available to sell, Make an Appointment Now, or Visit One of Our Showrooms!

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