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President / Owner of Masonry Products

Ron Foster
President / Owner

Ron Foster, since 1976, leads a team of specialized office staff and sales teams in company locations on both the Northshore and the Southshore in the Greater New Orleans Area.

Mandeville Team

Mandeville Sales Manager

Tracy Morgan – Since 1995

Mandeville Sales Team
Northshore Salesmen Listed Left to Right:

Chris Samuel – Since 2006
Alexander “Lex” Cairns – Since 2002
John McManus – Since 2001
Robert “Chip” Brannon – Since 1994
Jason Briggs – Since 2013

New Orleans Team

New Orleans Sales Team
Southshore Salesmen Listed Left to Right:

Alexander “Lex” Cairns – Since 2002
Cameron Lofton – Since 2017
Chad Curtis – Since 1994
Zane Wust – Since 2003
Jordan Landry – Since 2018
Wade Brupbacher (Not Pictured) – Since 2021

New Orleans Office Team
Southshore Office Staff Listed Below:

Southshore Office Staff – Left to Right Seated
Janet Garcia – Since 1973
Maria Hernandez – Since 2015
Rosan Springman – Since 1995

Southshore Office Staff – Left to Right Standing
Nancy Zerangue – Since 2016
Joann Smith – Since 2005
Darlene Giambrone – Since 1978

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