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Commercial Brick

Brick for commercial projects varies considerably depending on the material specifications required on the job.  Smaller projects located in residential areas commonly have less stringent spec requirements which allow the use of residential grade brick to better mingle with the look and feel of the brick in the neighborhoods.

Larger projects in predominantly commercial areas generally involve input and control from an architect, and typically include specifications for higher quality brick with tighter tolerances on size and color.

Reasons to Choose Masonry Products for Your Commercial Brick Needs

Masonry Products represents thirteen very respected manufacturers that produce commercial grade brick.  This type of brick is generally made-to-order by color, texture, and size and requires extended lead times for production.

We have two commercial brick salesmen that combine for a total of over 40 years of experience in marketing our architectural products.  Whatever the specifications on your project, our sales team will do whatever is required to satisfy your needs.

To satisfy many of your questions and needs, we frequently sponsor monthly AIA Lunch & Learn Seminars at each of our locations in conjunction with our manufacturers. Get In Touch with us to find out more about our next event!

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