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As you near completion of your new construction project, cleaning your brick, block or stone installation is very important to achieve that desired pristine appearance as you remove that unwanted mortar film and miscellaneous debris. Prosoco products have been the first choice of masons, contractors, and architects for decades. Their Sure Klean line is recognized as the most effective, reliable, and practical products for final clean-up on masonry installations of all types. Unwanted graffiti attracts more graffiti. Prosoco offers the products you need to remove graffiti from concrete, brick, and stone surfaces without damaging your masonry. Over time, as masonry walls age, various contaminants need to be cleaned to restore its original appearance. Paint overspray, mildew, and efflorescence are common culprits that Prosoco products can eliminate. Masonry Products stocks many of Prosoco’s products. Should your needs require a special order, we will be happy to accommodate you.


Environmental pollution is certainly not kind to even the strongest hard-surface materials used on building exteriors. Prosoco Sure Klean and EnviroKlean products are designed to safely clean the very dirtiest of building exteriors whether it is brick, block, limestone, marble, granite, cast stone, or concrete. These products can help restore old and crumbling structures that have been completely neglected. The value and appearance of your aged hard surfaces can be greatly improved.


In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to seal an exterior masonry surface and we have an ideal product for that purpose. Prosoco’s Sure Klean Siloxane PD is a ready-to-use, water-based water repellent for most masonry surfaces. This product will not impair the natural breathing characteristics of the treated surface, nor does it affect the appearance with a shine or luster. Prosoco offers many other water repellent products to prolong the life of your hard surfaces by sealing against water, salt, oil, and stains. We will happily order any of Prosoco’s products that are not currently in stock at our facilities

Masonry Cleaning

Masonry Restoration

Masonry Sealant & Repellant

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