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Clay Brick Pavers

Most clay brick manufactured today are cored or hollowed out to reduce weight and shipping costs, and to facilitate better bonding in a wall as mortar weeps into the coring.  But when you desire brick to be used on the flat on porches and walkways, solid brick with no coring are most desirable, and are referred to as pavers.

There Are Several Primary Reasons That Pavers Are Desirable

  • When pavers are laid on the flat, the standard dimensions allow for patterns to be laid such as basketweave, herringbone, and others without many cuts. This is because two widths of a paver equal its length.
  • Pavers generally have a finish that is somewhat smoother than face brick, which is better for bare feet and for sweeping.
  • Pavers are available in a variety of thicknesses (most commonly 2-1/4”, 1-5/8”, and 1/2”) to accommodate your need for a particular finished floor height.
  • The hard firing of natural clay pavers, results in colors that blend well with most face brick used on abutting walls.
  • The hard firing also results in a surface that is impervious to ultraviolet radiation, which often causes artificially colored concrete pavers to fade.
  • Clay brick’s strongest attribute is its centuries-old proven reputation for durability. Pavers provide that asset in those areas of constant wear-and-tear from walking and driving heavy vehicles, and age beautifully with the abuse for generations.
  • Clay pavers resist staining and require less maintenance than concrete pavers.
  • Century-old salvaged brick are solid brick and are often used as pavers to provide that old-world charm such as those you see on French Quarter patios. These old brick are not hard fired like currently made brick, so while you gain that unmatchable character, you do lose quality.
  • Finally, some manufacturers cut thin brick from their face brick production.  These thin brick (approximately 5/8” thick) can be used as pavers to allow for perfect color matching to abutting walls.  These thin brick will not, however, allow for many desired patterns as with pavers of standard dimensions.

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Pavers by Belden

Pavers by Watsontown

Pavers by Marion Ceramics

Pavers by Old Carolina

*The photography shown here is provided as a representation of a color selection. Paver color varies in each production run and photography can be misleading due to lighting, computer screen settings, mortar color, and other criteria. Please visit our showroom to see samples of your favorite paver selections prior to purchase.

Using pavers on your flat surfaces is a decision that we are sure will enhance the beauty and value of your home or commercial project.  Whether you are considering a brick patio, porch, walkway, steps, or driveways, we have a wide variety of clay pavers that will suit every need from residential paving to industrial and commercial applications.

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