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Flood Vents

Proactive Flood Prevention

Foundation air vents typically have issues dealing with flood water effectively.  They generally include louvers, grills, screens, and decorative covers that impede the flow of flood water and most importantly, they clog with debris yielding the vent useless during a flood event.

Flood vents are uniquely designed to actually be a part of flood mitigation by allowing water to flow freely underneath or through the lower portion of your building to keep water pressure from building up against your outer walls, causing them to move or blow out.  The flood vents open to allow water through.  They open enough to even let debris flow through instead of accumulating to block flow.

FEMA now offers guidelines for properly designed engineered openings for flood vents.  Flood insurance rates can be substantially reduced if you can show that FEMA’s guidelines were followed to protect your structure.

Masonry Products stocks various models of the FEMA compliant, stainless steel flood vents from Smart Vent.  The Smart Vent door is latched closed until flood waters rise and activate the internal floats, which unlatch and open the door.  The open door has a three-inch clearance to allow debris to pass and not block the flow.  Dual function Smart Vent models provide flood protection along with natural air ventilation.  Also, powder coat paint options are available on all models via special order.

We also stock Crawl Space Door’s flood vents.  These FEMA compliant vents are made of durable PVC/ABS plastic with a UV retardant treatment.  They are black in color but are paintable.  Unlike the Smart Vents that open and close, the Crawl Space vents are designed to breakaway in the event of a flood.

Engineered flood vents are proven to be of great value in preventing catastrophic damage to your property.  These vents are simple to install in new construction or to retrofit into existing buildings, and they can pay for themselves with reduced flood insurance premiums.

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