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Masonry Products Sales was established in 1954 by two brick masons.  In those early years there were no fireplaces other than solid, all-masonry fireplaces built by brick masons from the ground up. In the late 70’s, metal prefabricated fireplaces hit the scene, and within 10 years, sales of all-masonry swiftly fell due to the greatly reduced cost and ease of installation of the prefabricated units.  In 1983, Foster-Taylor Fireplaces (our sister company) was established to market prefab fireplaces.  Meanwhile, Masonry Products has continued to stock all the components needed for brick masons to construct a brick fireplace for purists who prefer hand-built fireplaces.

The fireplace most like a solid brick fireplace is the popular Isokern Fireplace System which is produced from volcanic pumice stone.  Masonry Products also stocks this manufacturer’s products for immediate delivery.

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