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Mortar / Cement

Mortar is the element that bonds brick or block together and provides the structural strength to the finished wall or structure.  There are four main types of mortar mix:  Type O, N, S, and M.  Different amounts of cement, lime and sand are combined to produce each type of mortar, and each is designed for specific installation needs.  The primary difference is the amount of cement in each of these mixes, with Type O having the least, making it the softest mortar, and Type M having the most cement, making it the hardest mortar.  By far, the most used mortar for bricklaying is Type N, and for block and stucco is Type S.  Type M is almost exclusively used for underground work such as manholes, due to high moisture levels below ground in this area.

Masonry Products stocks all types of mortar mix as well as premixed mortar which has sand already mixed with the mortar in bags.  Premixed mortar is especially convenient for small jobs and DIY projects.

Mortar mix is generally a medium gray color, but colored mortar can be achieved in two ways.  First, we have fine, concentrated, powdered color pigments that can be added to the mortar when mixing.  Second, pre-colored mortar mix can be special ordered, but lead-times must be considered.  Masonry Products does stock three pre-colored mortar mixes at both of our locations due to their popularity: Grey, Ivory Buff and White. Colored mortar is a very important consideration since the mortar joints in a brick wall are approximately 20% of the wall area.  Changing the color of the mortar will have a drastic effect on the overall appearance of the wall.

Portland Cement is the most common type of cement in general use around the world as a basic ingredient of concrete, mortar, and stucco.  Since our mortar products already have cement in their ingredients, most of our cement sales are for producing concrete.

Masonry Products stocks both gray and white Portland cement as well as gravel and sand to produce concrete.  We also stock premixed concrete mix for those many small DIY projects.

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