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Thin Brick

A Brick Design Without the Hassle

Thin Brick is the perfect solution for homebuilders, contractors, remodelers, and architects looking to put the warmth and character of brick in places where the weight of using full-size brick would inhibit its use.  This product has garnered much attention in recent years as its thin, lightweight profile has so much to offer!

Thin Brick provides these benefits without sacrificing any of the durability, extremely low maintenance, beauty, and value of traditional brick construction.  Thin Brick are saw cut from full-size brick to approximately 5/8” thickness.  Flats and corner cuts are combined to cover the desired wall or space making it nearly impossible to determine that it is not full-size brick construction.

  • No expensive footings or support required
  • Thinner walls, creating more usable space inside
  • New avenues for brick use (e.g. ceilings)
  • Great for remodels
  • Applicable to any surface, interior or exterior
  • Panel Systems make perfect installations easy for anyone
  • Bricklayers, Tile Setters, or Do-It-Yourselfers can easily master
  • Many selections available to match your exterior full-size brick

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Let your imagination soar as you consider a variety of applications to enhance the value and warmth of your residential or commercial project using Thin Brick including:  Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplashes, Floors, Interior Walls & Archways, Ceilings, Fireplaces, Ovens, Islands, Columns, Dormers, and even Exterior Elevated Walls.  The possibilities are endless!

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