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Angle Iron

Angle Irons or Lintels are steel bars of varying thicknesses that are bent or rolled to an L-shape of 90 degrees.  Whenever exterior façade materials, such as brick, are too heavy to adhere to the substrate, angle irons are needed to support the weight of that material above openings in the walls for windows and doors.  The angle iron must extend at least several inches on each side of the opening to act as a bridge, thereby supporting the weight.

Angle Irons vary in thickness and cross-section depending on the length.  Shorter angles which support less weight are less thick with smaller cross sections.  In recent years, galvanized angles have become more favorable to improve durability and to avoid having the exposed rusty bottoms of the angle irons.

Masonry Products stocks pre-cut angle irons in lengths varying every six inches.  We can also cut any length with any cross section that you may require.

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