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Concrete Block

Concrete Block or Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) are rectangular block, most commonly gray in color, used in building construction. As the name implies, it is a building block made from concrete which is an amalgamation of Portland cement, crushed gravel aggregate, and water. CMUs are a very strong and durable building product that provides protection from fire and severe weather, and savings on life-cycle costs and low maintenance requirements. 

Most Concrete Block are cored, having either two or three large holes in the center of the block which is done for several reasons. 

First, it lessens the weight of the block. Second, long steel rods called rebar can be inserted through the holes to reinforce a load-bearing wall.  Third, the cores in the block may be filled with concrete for further strengthening.

Due to its rather bland appearance, common Concrete Block are generally used for utilitarian structures, foundation piers for raised structures, or to provide a strong structural support wall behind a covering of brick, stone, or stucco.

The most used Concrete Block are available in rectangular sizes with nominal 8” heights, 16” lengths, and a choice of 4’, 6”, 8”, or 12” depths.  These sizes as well as half blocks, block caps, U-blocks, pilaster blocks, and split-face block are all in stock for your convenience at Masonry Products at each of our locations.

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