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Why Brick

Why Should You Choose Brick?

Clay brick is the best exterior investment you can make. No other material can offer the same energy savings, durability, protection, noise absorption, and safety of clay brick.

Below Are Reasons to Consider.

Timeless Reliability

Brick is one of the few building materials that can be reused for new construction projects. It’s unquestionably still the most long-lasting product on the market, even in an age of many other options. Clay pavers on Boston’s Beacon Hill have been in place for 200 years!

Endless Possibilities

Brick has been used on every type of commercial and residential project. Its properties morph easily from ultra modern to traditional designs, from starter homes to government buildings. It evokes a sense of warmth and substance that cladding materials can never match. It easily blends with other building materials for nearly an endless flexibility of design combinations, colors, and options.

Excellent Durability

Brick exceeds one-hour fire ratings on its own. Other materials, including siding and fiber cement, rely on other components in a wall system to reach their fire ratings. When hail and high winds strike, clay brick holds its own long after other materials are destroyed. No material delivers like brick in so many different types of significant weather events.

Easy Maintenance

Natural brick doesn’t require painting to prevent fading or deterioration. It is insect resistant. Many people believe it ages more beautifully than it was at installation. We agree. Of course, if you want to paint your brick, go ahead. We won’t tell anyone.

Energy Efficiency

While R-values are used to measure cladded materials, they do not account for thermal mass or the overall efficiency of an entire wall system. A more real-world approach shows that clay brick veneer on a wood stud wall reduces heat transfer up to 50% better than fiber cement materials, vinyl, or even EIFS (synthetic stucco).

Affordably Priced

Brick homes cost less than you may think, so check the pricing before you build. Exterior cladding actually accounts for a small portion of a building’s overall price tag. You’ll find that brick is competitively priced with other materials, and in some cases, even less expensive. Any cost differences with inferior materials will be easily recouped on the time and expense of maintenance, insurance, and resale values. Brick builds long-term value into your project.

Planet Friendly

Brick is made of the Earth’s most abundant and natural materials. It’s 100% recyclable or it can be salvaged for new projects. It often outlasts most of the other materials in the project.

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