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Natural Stone

Amazing Natural Stone

Natural stone is actual rock mined from the earth at quarries all over the world.  It is gorgeous and desirable for many applications.

Unlike Manufactured stone, it may be a bit more difficult to find a particular color or texture that you prefer due to limited or changing supply.  But, once found, you can never improve on the durability and feel of this natural product from our earth.

Natural stone features imperfections in textures and tonal variations resulting from rock formations over thousands of years.  With Natural stone, there will be no identical stones in the cladding.

The extreme weight and installation difficulties of typical thick stone quarried in the past is greatly alleviated with the more popular thin stone veneer now available.  This veneer, like Manufactured stone, can be secured to the wall rather than be supported back to the slab such as is required with typical brick veneer.

Masonry Products represents two suppliers of Natural stone veneers.  Because of the many choices, we do not stock stone at our facilities, but our suppliers do, and we generally are able to meet your needs without significant lead-times.

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Masonry Products Offers the Following Types of Natural Stone

Fond du Lac Stone

Majestic Stone

U.S. Stone

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