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Manufactured Stone

The Diverse & Extensive Use of Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is produced from a mix of Portland cement blended with aggregates and iron oxide pigments, which is cast in molds that are shaped from real stone. With the advancement of technology, manufacturers have done an amazing job of simulating natural stone colors and textures from all over the world. While certain stone quarries may have a limited supply of a particular natural stone and it may vary in consistency due to vein variations and environmental influences, manufactured stone is practically unlimited in quantities needed, and is very consistent in color and texture. However, if you are one that likes the unexpected variances in natural stone, then this would be a negative.

Manufactured stone is usually easier to work with, it is somewhat lighter in weight, and logistically, freight costs are lower as the manufacturer facilities are near this area.

With today’s technology, manufactured stone has rapidly closed the gap on the hard-to-beat durability of natural stone. The well-manufactured stone from the reliable sources we represent make the man-made products nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

There are so many choices of stone from which to choose, Masonry Products does not stock stone at our facilities. However, the five manufacturers we represent keep extensive inventories, and we are generally able to meet your needs without significant lead-times.

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