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Used / Salvaged Brick

For decades, Used Brick have been a popular building material for homeowners looking for that antiquated, time-worn look on everything from full home facades to gates, arches, fireplaces, and patios.  Salvaged from old turn-of-the-century buildings, these bricks provide your home with the charm, character, and originality that simply cannot be matched with new factory-made brick.   

The difference between modern brick construction and salvaged brick is mainly in the automation.  Brick made in the early 1900’s were often made by hand instead of pumped out by machine, giving each brick a less finished and more individual appearance.  It is this distinctiveness in each brick combined with the varied changes due to the environmental effects over time, fires leaving some walls charred, and paint used for signage and decoration over the years, all of which add to the unusual variations and uniqueness in these salvaged brick which we have available at our two facilities. 

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Building standards today require certain compressive strength and porosity levels for residential and commercial construction.  Brick salvaged from 100 years or more ago, were not tested to the requirements posed on brick manufacturers today and would likely not meet those standards. 

Some Used Brick are quite soft and are not good candidates to be used in areas that receive a lot of wear-and-tear, and definitely not for structural applications.   

Since salvaged brick are not manufactured with factory warranties, all Used Brick are sold a “as-is” with no guarantee on breakage, quality or strength issues, size or color variations, and no warranty of any type.  While Used Brick do not have the quality of construction or the consistency of newly manufactured brick, and they are considerably more costly than new brick, there is still great demand for these antique bricks simply because of their unmatched warm feeling in appearance.     

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Masonry Products is constantly on the lookout for Used Brick to purchase throughout the country.  We typically stock close to a million Used Brick between our two facilities from various cities throughout the country.  Common locations where we frequently purchase Used Brick include Alabama, Carolinas, Chicago, Detroit, Georgia, Kentucky, New Orleans, Ohio, Tennessee, St. Louis, and Virginia.    

While sample photos and addresses of completed houses are very helpful in determining the best selection for you, because of the likely variations in these antiques, we strongly advise that you inspect your brick on our yard prior to delivery to help alleviate dissatisfaction for any reason.

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