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Unique and Interesting Driveways

A driveway design can add to the curb appeal of a home.  There are tons of designs and materials to choose from.  This can be overwhelming, but those in the industry say you should choose a material that will complement the exterior home design and the landscaping.  There are many things to factor into your decision.
A big issue that will need to be considered is the local climate.  Concrete is a great material that can be used in most any climate.  Concrete can fit with a modern home to a traditional home.  If you want a different color than a boring gray, concrete can be stained.  For a minimalist look to blend into nature, professionals in the industry suggest staining concrete to a tan or light sienna.  If you have bright colored flowers that surround your driveway, then a minimally colored concrete is the perfect choice.  If you want to have a less traditional look, pave your driveway into an irregular shape or add brick pavers into the design.
Asphalt is another great and versatile material to use particularly in a harsh winter climate due to it not contracting and expanding as much as concrete.  Asphalt also absorbs the sun better causing the driveway to warm up during icy conditions.  It is also an eco-friendly material because it can be crushed up and recycled.
A more custom look comes with using pavers which come in a lot of shapes and colors.  A paver driveway adds great curb appeal and also adds value to a home.  These can be good in a cold climate that creates a crack or heaving in a driveway because individual pavers can be replaced.
Any of these materials are great when you are planning a driveway for your home. Remember, with thoughtful planning, and design-the result is-a beautiful and practical entrance to your dream home.